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NEW: Max Privacy meets ADA Guidelines

Privacy in the restroom has always been a concern. In today’s world its ever even more an issue that clients are requesting a resolution. Bobrick Washroom Equipment offers numerous solutions to meet the privacy needs of today’s users. Toilet partitions can now go floor to ceiling – Bobrick recommends that partitions be mounted at 4 – 5/16” above finished floor. ADA Guidelines state that partitions must be mounted between 9”-12” above finish floor to comply with Toe Kick Clearance. If you are wanting your partitions to be mounted closer to the floor you need to remember to comply with ADA Toe Kick Clearance. In order to do so you need to increase the size depth of your toilet compartments from 60” to 66” (refer to image 2). This will ensure that all users are accommodated for!

william baker co, indianapolis, manufacturer's rep, construction supply, iida
william baker co, indianapolis, manufacturer's rep, construction supply, iida

Carpet Tiles vs. Entrance Mats

Are carpet tiles too good to be true?

Carpet tiles have become a popular alternative for entrance flooring in recent years. Their low cost and reputation for simple installation have been major selling points to budget-conscious architects and owners as well as labor-leery installers. The allure of a quick and easy solution from trapping dirt and moisture at the building’s main entrance has allowed carpet tiles to gain traction in the industry. However, this is another side to the story–one that begins after the tiles are installed. We want to give you the tools to decide for yourself: are carpet tiles too good to be true?