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Restroom design has been evolving for the last few years with an increased focus on overall aesthetics and privacy. Consumers and Architects alike are looking for new solutions to make using Public Restroom a better experience for all.

Bobrick Washroom Equipment has reimagined how Restrooms can be designed. Now offering multiple solutions to help meet the needs of consumers and designers – Privacy, Design Intent and Functionality.

Introducing a new line of partitions, Evolve, provides a sleek, resilient, European-style cubicle! Utilization of Compact Grade Laminate (Phenolic), Overhead-braced, fully anodized aluminum frame and built-in European privacy features eliminates sightlines. This new product offers consumers and Architects the look and feel we have all been waiting for.

SIKA One Shot Traffic Coatings

Innovations in Parking Desk and Balcony coating systems. SIKA offers two new solutions that simplify the process for applying deck coatings. These strong, tough, flexible, and fast-curing products can allow you to walk on them in less than 36 hours.

See how Sikalastic 720 one Shot and 726 Balcony One Shot can make a difference for your project!

Moz is using the forces of nature as inspiration for their Elements palette. Variegated tones of steel, copper, bronze, and brass form the foundation of native metals that inspire their new color offerings. Designers can now achieve the look of naturally-weathered steel or aged brass using our lightweight solid-core aluminum materials.

Elements colorways can be paired with perforated, corrugated, or laser cut metal sheets for a unique metal solution inspired by nature.