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Q. What is a system stair?

  • Installation is quick and easy because fabricators can work from outside in, and adjust to accommodate any misalignment. Special tread designs can also eliminate concrete work and minimize site clean up.
  • Can be delivered to the jobsite in segments to meet construction schedules, and can be erected quickly to give early floor-to-floor access for construction craftsman.
  • Fully certified to meet building codes including ADA accessibility requirements.
  • Built from pre-engineered modules but offer flexible tread, riser, stringer and handrail selection to meet functional requirements, budgets, aesthetics and building codes.
  • Utilize economical components such as factory standard railing styles and Pre-Engineered structural members for stringers, landing frames, connections, etc.
  • Fabricated using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods through specialized fixtures, simplified metal bending and press work, and Lisp programming for production of stair details.
  • Offer a bottom line benefit of 30-40% less installed cost, compared to site-built.

Q. When is a system stair best used?

System stairs are best used on a commercial project of 3 stories or more and when it doesn’t make sense to specify and install custom site-built stairs that get little use after the building construction is complete.

Q. To whom is the Purchase Order to be issued?

Issue purchase orders to: American Stair